Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Apollo Run on Baeble.

"...Apollo Run's debut EP, Here Be Dragons, Vol. 1, was released last fall and the guys performed their last show of 2010 at Pianos in New York City (videos below) to a packed house of "Runners" (as they like to call their fans) and newcomers for a friend's birthday party. John, Graham and Jeff gave us a brilliant set complete with incredible harmonies, a trumpet solo, and a rocked-out version of Happy Birthday for the guest of honor. They closed the show with a fan favorite (and John's favorite), "All in Good Time," an acapella stomp-clap that forces everyone in the room to get involved (though it doesn't take much, it's a pretty damn catchy tune). The song also gives the crowd some quality time with the guys, as it all takes place in the audience..."

Read more from my feature on Apollo Run here!

Become smitten. ♥ I have. Take a look:

"Stars" on Baeble.
That's How it Felt LIVE.
Acoustic Apollo Run.
That's How it Felt.
Apollo Run and Tall Tall Trees.

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