Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Working from home allows me to have all the music and movies I want in the background while I hustle my way through the interwebs...

Pirate Radio is my current background noise of choice and I just absolutely love, love, love this movie. Music from the sixties and one liners that I laugh out loud to... what could be better?!?!

I really credit this movie with reintroducing me to songs that I had forgotten from my favorite musical era. The music in Pirate Radio fully reminds me of driving in the car with my parents when I was a little girl, with the Oldie's station turned up loud and my dad singing right along with me in his awful, awful singing voice... My taste in music may have come from dad, but thank goodness I got my musical abilities from mom! Whew! ;)

I'm thinking about doing a cover of this song, just me and my tambourine, because, um... look at how much fun the tambourine guy is having!

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