Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ingrid Michaelson LIVE at Rockwood Music Hall.

I love my job...

When Mis and I first moved to New York, we stumbled across Ingrid Michaelson's Myspace page and pretty much wore out every single song on 'Girls and Boys.' We even ventured out to Connecticut one night to see her perform at Toad's in New Haven...

But, like everything else, we eventually tired of the songs we had been listening to on repeat and moved on to other artists to become obsessed with for a time or two.

When I heard that Baeble was doing a session with Ingrid, I was really excited to revisit an old favorite. Her new stuff is great and of course it's different, because she's grown, and so have we.

I mean, let's be honest - THIS is how excited I was.

Become smitten. ♥

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