Friday, October 1, 2010

Different Kind of Love.

So, we went to see Brendan James at Highline on Wednesday, just Mis and I like we used to do back in 2007... only this time, we weren't those creepy girls who showed up at every, single show and sat right in the front row, hanging on to his every word. This time, we had a table on the balcony and watched the show like adults. Hahaha, "WE ARE ADULTS! WE ARE ADULTS!"

"I remember when a Brendan James show was free... in MY day, we didn't have to pay $20 to see him perform."
Ohhhh, good times, good times.

We had the perfect view of the stage and it was an awesome show, as always. My camera; however was giving me issue after issue (might be time to get a new one, ugh what is it with me and electronics?) and not only could I not really get a clear video, but during the one song I wanted to record (I mean, I really could have gotten them all but I figured one song would be enough - totally trying to be an adult here) - I forgot to press the record button. Hahaha...only me.

So here you have it - Brendan James performing the latter half of "Different Kind of Love." I'm thinking that one of these lines may be my next tattoo... is that reverting back to creepy? I don't think so. ;) Become smitten. ♥

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