Tuesday, October 5, 2010


In July, I posted the video for Animal by Neon Trees and since then the group has BLOWN up and the song, Animal, keeps popping up everywhere. Neon Trees have been around much longer than July of 2010; of course, and hopefully they'll just continue their uphill climb...

I stumbled upon (its what I do) this acoustic version of Animal on iheartradio.com and instantly became SMITTEN ♥ with this version. IN LOVE. Tyler Glenn's voice - live - impressed me leaps and bounds over what I heard while listening to Habits for the first time; so much more raw and passionate. The album is harder, more pop-rock-y and loud, but when seen (and of course heard) live, Neon Trees delivers a truer, more genuine, more acoustic vibe. A vibe, I very much like to be engrossed in.

Gimme another clap, TG.

Become smitten. ♥

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