Thursday, August 5, 2010

SYTYCD - Final Four.

Who cares about basketball? I care about DANCING! Hahaha, imagine someone saying that extremely theatrically...and that is how I meant it to be read. ;)

By now, you are aware that SYTYCD is my favorite show. Also, by now you know that my season 7 favorites are still in this thing! :)

Love Robert. Love Lauren. Kent has to win. Now usually, I am not a fan of the "cute boy" that America loves because, well, usually that "cute boy" isn't always the best dancer. However, this season - Kent has taken the hearts of little girls everywhere and he genuinely steals the show every single time.

Enjoy my favorite dance from last night and fingers crossed that Adechike goes home tonight. No offense to Adechike... I just would love to have all my favorites in the finale. Just one more thing to prove that I should be a judge on this show! Hahaha... eventually there will be a petition.

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