Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Smitten Goes to the Movies.

Top 10 Favorite Music Movies:

10. Footloose. Ugh, classic.
9. The Fabulous Baker Boys. 'But if you feel like I feel...'
8. Grease 2. I'm not apologizing for this.
7. Empire Records. Oh Rexy, so sexy.
6. That Thing You Do. I'm not apologizing for this, either.
5. Cry-Baby. Cry-Baby don't dig squares.
4. Shag. Buzz Ravenall, haha. What a name.
3. Across the Universe. Hey Jude. That's all I'm sayin...
2. Satisfaction. Come on, the scene with Billy in the shower. Hilarious.
1. The Commitments. I really can't explain it - I wanted to be in the Commitments... and also, Irish.

*The Beatles movies and classic movie musicals were left out for fear that they would take up the whole list. You're welllllllllcome!*

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