Thursday, July 8, 2010


The way that dancers feel music is simply magical to me. It's inspirational. It's beautiful to watch. It's awesome.

That being said... So You Think You Can Dance is my FAVORITE show!!!! Cat Deeley is seriously the best host on witty, so cute, such a good wardrobe. Werk!

Every week for the past three summers, Mis and I comment on how we should be judges on this show; we see what they see - why doesn't America?!?!?! I digress... I need to start a petition, 'cause I'm just that good. True story. I'm always saying exactly the same things they are! It's so true! Hahaha! *Totally pleading my case* Tonight more than ever, really... Nigel and I even had a jinx moment. (although I am sure he wasn't aware of our connection). "I can see that..." Haha, oh well, you had to be there.

Lauren was my favorite of the night, for sure! Her cha cha with Pasha was fieeeeerce! When she danced with Ken, it fully made me blush. They are so totally in love...Travis' dance was most definitely them falling in love. Teenage love is adorbable. Seriously, you should watch soon as I find it - I'll post. :) Billy was S.I.C.K in that Sean Cheesman routine. SIIIICK. So good (and to tell you the truth, I was never really a Billy fan). Hmmmm...BTW, I'm so sad that Alex was hurt...I for sure thought he could win this whole thing! TEAM ALEX! Love, love, love him.

This post totally makes me sound like an obsessed teenager...and I'm clearly okay with this.

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